8 Pinterest Tips and Tricks: Boost your Business with these cheat sheets


When it comes to do content marketing, Pinterest is the most powerful tools for sharing what you have achieve or created so far. Pinterest is very valuable for brands who have a large number of followers to engage with the people and get exceptional value to your business. Pinterest is an exciting opportunity for business marketers, capitalizing on this unique platform can feel abstract. Seems interested in advertising your products or services, the goal behind Pinterest is very simple:

Create an eye-catching images that will drive traffic to your website which will generate your revenue and boost your sales.
Sounds simple and interesting, right?

But not for those businesses that are working hard to piece together a successful social media marketing plan.

Here are the some Pinterest tips and tricks that will help you to make the most out of this amazing visual marketing tool.

Pinterest Tips and Tricks

  1. Try to Learn the Language

As with any other social media website like twitter, Facebook, there is a language which is unique to the network.

Start learning the lingo before you step in to this new environment. It will help you to adjust quickly.

  1. Board – Make your board as content bucket of similar content. Capture the content and add it to these boards where it will be easy for you and other to share your content.
  2. Pin – it means the image that you have taken or captured and added to a board.
  3. Re Pin –It means to share someone pin’s to one of your boards.
  4. Comments and Likes – Just like Facebook, Pinterest allows you to like and comments on someone else pin’s.
  5. Pin it button – it is easily add on to your browser which allows you to easily pin anything you want to share.
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  2. Capture and Share Interesting Content

Some people share very uninteresting and bore content on board, which is really unattractive that you may feel like “duh”, what is that?

Make sure the content you share is should always be appealing, exciting, interesting and appealing to your followers. Presentation matters a lot when you pin any image. If you have a good presentation in your pinned images than you will get more impressions and sharing.

Take a look at this yummiest Peanut butter chocolate cake from the lifeloveandsugar.com. Based on presentation alone, I not only want to buy it, but I want to eat the whole cake alone like a selfish.

Sharing interesting content is incredibly important, so is consistency. If you are going to commit to marketing your business on Pinterest, it will not happen overnight. Hard work pays off after some time. You can only continue to generate interest and conspiracy by adding fresh content to your boards on a consistent basis.

  3. Pin content that relates to followers interest

Post content that your followers will be interested in sharing. Analyze your audience, analyze who is your target audience and what they are looking for?

While it is fun to pin your interests, hobbies and activities outside of work, make sure that the content you share from your site must expresses to the needs of your potential customers.

  4. Enhance Your Profile

Make your profile look professional and complete on Pinterest and optimize it for search. Add some extra keywords that best define and describe your business, this will also help in optimization of your profile.

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Remember! People connect with human beings not with bots. Make sure you prefer some keywords, but also add some uniqueness in your profile. Tell something about yourself in your bio. What you like or dislike and your hobbies especially.

  5. Promote your Pinterest Page

There are few ways to give some exposure to your pins:

  1. Connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts to your Pinterest account.
  2. Share your Pinterest posts on Facebook with a link to redirect back to your pin.
  3. Join Facebook groups where members share tips and tricks that can help you to promote business.
  4. Share your Pinterest posts on Twitter.
  5. Add the “Follow me on Pinterest” button to your website and blog.
  6. Promote your social site to your email/ contacts

  6. Prefer to share Quality Images

Pinterest is a visual marketing medium; therefore, if you have quality images then the chance of content success is more, capture really good images that attracts people towards your post.

Make sure you have professional looking images with clean background and photographed with style. Use a photo editing software such as PicMonkey to edit the images and add flair, colors to your pictures. Good pictures can make your business grow.

  7. Follow Other Pinners with Same Content

Follower other pinners with similar content, pin posts by bloggers you follow. Like their posts and comment on their post. If you stay active in the Pinterest community, then other user will get to know about your activity and they will follow you. Repin your pins on some intervals to get more impressions.

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As with all social sites, sharing is the law of give and take. This means that you give and take mutually; besides the business benefits, sharing other people content will create good marketing strategy and it will work as karma.

  8. Pay Attention to Your Analytics

If you want to reach large audience, then Pinterest is the most powerful tool you have ever seen in the market. Pinterest have an analytics tool that allows you to see how much traffic you are getting and which pin post is mostly viewed. Keep an eye on your analytics every day.


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