How to Make $10,000/Month on YouTube


Making a Full Time Income on YouTube

Do you love being in front of the camera?  Wondering how these YouTubers have so much time to make videos?  It’s because they get paid to do so!  Yes, you make money on YouTube.  Here’s how it works…

How to Make Money on YouTube

According to the YouTube Creator Academy, you’ll wanna follow these steps:

  1. Audience before income
  2. Channel setup for earning money
  3. Exploring ways to make money

Creating your Audience

How to Make $10,000/Month on YouTube

The more of an audience you have, the more you’ll probably make.  Think about it.  A channel averaging 10K views per video will earn more per view than a channel averaging 1,000 views per video.  Make sense?

How to Make $10,000/Month on YouTubeHere are some tips for creating and nurturing your audience:

  • Make searchable titles
  • Write smart descriptions
  • Craft awesome thumbnails and titles
  • Use playlists
  • Use cards and end screens

More on this

  • Optimize your audience
  • Educate your viewer
  • Stay consistent

More tips here

Setting up your channel to make money

This step is critical in order for you to be on your way to make $10K per month or more on YouTube.  Here are the instructions.

Exploring ways to make money

In addition to making money for views on YouTube, you can earn big through sponsorships.  What’s a sponsorship?  It’s a paid feature between you (the influencer) and the brand.  A company will pay you to do a video or demo on YouTube of their product or service.  You can earn hundreds or thousands per sponsorship. This is a great addition to your pay-per-view income you receive.

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Now, check out this awesome video of a real YouTuber who banks $10K per month from YouTube (with proof)!

What are your YouTube money-making secrets?

How to Make $10,000/Month on YouTube