How to Earn Six Figures Blog Flipping


Have you heard of flipping?  I first heard about flipping while watching HGTV TV shows where people buy homes, renovate them, then sell “flip” them for a profit.

Back then I thought it was a cool idea.

Fast forward to today. I’m in my second year of flipping and have earned over six figures doing it!

The flipping I’m talking about is:

-Very lucrative
-Can be done part time or full time
-Very little out of pocket cost
-Can be scaled up quickly

What is it?

It’s blog flipping!

Here’s how it works…

So, blog flipping works the same way as the house flipping I explained above.

You can either purchase a blog or build a blog, then fix it up, and sell it for a profit.

It’s great because in addition to meeting cool people, make friends Andy connect, I’ve also made a LOT of money in the process.

My secret process for flipping blogs for profit is finally revealed.  My quick guide will make you want to dive in TODAY! And, you totally can.

You’ll see that flipping blogs for profit is an AMAZING source of primary and/or secondary income.

How to Make a Living Flipping Blogs:

What’s Required:

You’ll need money
You’ll need time
You’ll need patience

Money. You can’t do this entirely for free, there is some cost involved but, it’s super affordable. Here are some costs that you might have:

-Buying a site: cost for the purchase
-Building a site: costs for blog setup (hosting, domain, etc.)
-Fixing up the site: costs for plugins (optional), photography (optional), design (optional), content (optional), etc. You noticed all of these are optional. That’s because you can get every one of these for free! So, it’s your choice, get the free version or pay for an upgraded version.
-Selling your site: costs for sale which can include broker fees, transfer fees, commissions, etc.

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Time. You need to time to work on this project. You can do part time or full time and flip at 3 weeks or 3 years. You make the rules!

Patience. Results are not immediate usually. You will have to be patient because traffic can take time and sales and income can take time.  The more you flip, the better you will get.

Who This Book is For?

-Bloggers that are interested in selling their existing blog
-Entrepreneurs or wantrepreneurs interested in foraying into this industry of blog flipping
-Anybody that wants to earn extra money

What’s Inside:

-The blog flipping process, start to finish
-Tips for purchasing a site
Tips for building a site
-Tips for selling the site
-My exact strategy that has made me six figures from flipping
-The most profitable blog niches
-Essentials to include in your blog
-Requirements and costs involved (in-depth)

Interested? Grab the book here.

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