5 Auctions to Sell Your Stuff Online Fast

5 Auctions to Sell Your Stuff Online Fast

Sell Your Stuff Online at These EBay Alternatives

5 Auctions to Sell Your Stuff Online Fast

Are you interested in getting rid of your unwanted goods?  How about getting rid of your stuff AND making money?  Well, you can accomplish both through selling in an online auction!  And, I’m not talking Amazon or Ebay.

Yes, Ebay and Amazon are the big player online auctions most everyone has heard of but there are also more auction sites popping up that could be a way better fit!  How?

  • Little to no cost to list your items
  • No fees
  • No approval process required
  • Fast
  • Easy

You’ll be introduce to 5 online auctions to help you make money selling your stuff.  Here we go…

Need Easy Extra Cash?


I used to sell on OpenSky through my former business.  It’s great for small businesses but you can also sell your one-off items there too.  They have categories for everything including apparel, footwear, food, home goods, and more. They are always making changes to check them out here to see how you can get started and if there are any fees required.


Bonanza makes it so easy.  If you have your items posted online in another marketplace like Ebay, you can import to Bonanza super fast and simply.  They boast a 50% savings on fees, compared to other big player marketplaces.

You’ll love the site’s streamlined, attractive design and you can start for free!  I actually sold on Bonanza (back when their name was Bonanzle) and sold several items.  It was so easy.  Today, looking at the upgraded features, it appears the process has undergone some major improvements which streamline the process even further.  Get started here.

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Craigslist is an online marketplace catering to locals.  Nearly everyone has heard of it.  This one is not entirely online.

The way it works? You list your items for sale in your local Craigslist and meet with buyers face to face to exchange goods for money.  You can probably arrange shipment instead of face to face meet but the whole point of Craigslist is to see the product face to face to inspect it, see it in person, etc.

You can sell almost anything on Craigslist:

  • autos
  • used clothing
  • appliances
  • home decor (like rugs, paintings, etc.)
  • electronics

When you visit the site you will enjoy the clean look.  It’s super easy to navigate and there are a hundred different categories you can list your items in.

Craiglist is probably the most different site of all on the list.  It’s not a marketplace or auction.  There are no fees to list or sell your goods.  There is no bidding.  It’s straightforward and easy, a refreshing way to sell your stuff online.


eBid is probably one of the most undiscovered marketplaces!  They have over 13,000 categories and the most similar to eBay.

It offers auctions and fixed-price listings.

They offer free listings and you won’t ever pay any more than 3% success fees.  There is also a point system and forums.  Check them out here.


Etsy is a top selling marketplace.

This site launched in 2005 and caters to the artistic community: artsy, vintage, handmade.

You can find all kinds of products including furniture, clothing, digital downloads.

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Some sellers sell supplies too, like crafting supplies, etc.

Wrap Up

There you have it, 5 auction marketplace to sell your stuff online.  Do you have any auctions to add to the list? Comment down below to share!